Methods of Visa Applications to Indonesia

  1. Applying a Visa upon Arrival
  2. Applying for a Visa at the Indonesian Embassy (Visit Visa)

Types of Visas to Indonesia (Law No. 6 of 2011 on Immigration)

  1. Visit Visa:  à Visas that are given to foreigners traveling to Indonesia for education, socio-cultural, business, family, journalism, and holiday purposes for a maximum of 60 days. Visit Visas are then further divided into three types of visas, such as
    1. One Time Visit Visa
    2. Multiple Visit Visa (Valid for up to 5 years for a stay of no longer than 60 days in Indonesia at a time)
    3. Visa on Arrival
  1. Limited Stay Visa
  2. Official Visa (Visa Dinas) à Visas that are given to foreigners traveling to Indonesia for non-diplomatic related official governmental or international organization business.
  3. Diplomatic Visa à Visas given to foreigners traveling to Indonesia for diplomatic purposes.

Application of Visa on Arrival

Applications for Visas On Arrival can typically be done upon arriving in Indonesia.
The requirements for Visa On Arrival are:

  • Passport with a validity of 6 months
  • Return and through ticket
  • Price of Visa on Arrival: USD 35
  • Visa’s on Arrival are available for citizens of these 68 countries/region:

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Application of Visit Visa at the Indonesian Embassy

  • Foreigners wishing to visit Indonesia may submit a visa application form at the nearest Indonesian Embassy/Consulate.
  • Typically, after the submission of the application, there will be a fee as big as USD 50 (USD 110 for Multiple Visit Visas).
  • After the submission of the application and payment of fees, the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate will then submit the application to the Directorate General of Immigration for approval.
  • What is the difference with Visa on Arrival?Generally, applications made at the embassy is for visitors who are stateless/non-nationals, or seeking multiple visit visas.
  • Upon approval, the embassy will issue the visa and the entry stamp will be earned upon entering Indonesian borders.
  • Requirements for Application of Visit Visa:
      1. Application Letter and Guarantee Letter
      2. Copy of Passport (Validity of 6 months, 18 months for multiple visits)
      3. Copy of Bank Accounts
      4. Return/Through Tickets
      5. Re-entry Permits (For stateless/non-nationals)